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  1. Dumb T-Shirt

    Ever been to the Jersey Shore? Myrtle Beach? Las Vegas? Do you know what all these places have in common? They all have tourist trap t-shirt shops that sell the dumbest shirts known to mankind. Many o…Read More

  2. The Answer Is Yes

    Next year, my first book It's Not Just Who You Know celebrates its 10-year anniversary. For the past decade, I've committed to teaching people from all types of organizations from all over the world t…Read More

  3. Mistakes Happen

    About six months after Australia released its new 50-dollar bill, and 46 million of the bank notes had been circulated, it was found that there were multiple misspellings and typos on the new bill. A …Read More

  4. Russ’s Way

    I have a dear friend named Russ Jefferies. He happens to also to be my HVAC guy. I've always wondered what HVAC means. Heating. Ventilation. Air Conditioning. I could write a book about Russ. I'd call…Read More

  5. Leadership Changing Lives

    I have a great mentor, friend and supporter of our youth leadership programs that lives in Texas. Not many successful businessmen in the world are as humble, caring and genuine as my friend. Last mont…Read More

  6. Row 2F

    I'm on an airplane a couple hundred times a year. Been doing this most of my career... and I've seen it all. Delays, cancelations, medical emergencies, crew no-shows, turbulence, crying babies, mechan…Read More

  7. Leaving Well

    I remember the first time that I got fired from a job. It was back in high school. I worked as a lifeguard at the town pool in Suffern, New York. Mrs. Bueno was my boss. She and her husband, Mr. Bueno…Read More

  8. The Hard Questions

    My weight has been a yo-yo my entire adult life. Up ten pounds. Down ten pounds. Up fifteen. Down fifteen. Up twenty. Down twenty. Maybe because I've spent so much time on airplanes the last twenty-fi…Read More

  9. Who Does That?

    Four years ago, I wrote a BLOG about the general manager of a little Italian restaurant in Toronto, Canada. Little is not an accurate word. Perhaps to describe the size - only 121 total seats. But it …Read More

  10. Two Friends

    I went to high school back in Suffern, New York, thirty-three years ago, with two friends. Two friends with very different lives. Two friends with vastly different life experiences. One friend was con…Read More

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