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  1. Forever

    I'm a movie buff. Probably my favorite past time. One of the few places in the world that I can escape from all of life's' stresses. I go by myself...even back in college when it was uncool to do. I c…Read More

  2. Earn it, Don’t Ask for it

    Reading Sunday's business section of the Denver Post, I came across an article written by The Associated Press titled: "Asking for a Raise? Do the Research and Build a Case". Got me thinking... If you…Read More

  3. Mow the Lawn

    One of my favorite things that I get the privilege to do in my job is to facilitate retreats for corporate leaders. Six weekends a year our company runs Heart-Led Leader Men's & Woman's Retreats -…Read More

  4. The Hulk

    I use public restrooms more than the average human. Since I'm at the airport two, three or four times a week and stay at over a hundred hotels each year, I find myself using public restrooms more than…Read More

  5. 23-Cents

    I purchased a new car in April. During the sales process, I met the sales manager at the dealership. He invited me into his office, couldn't have been nicer, and during our conversation he offered me …Read More

  6. Others-Made

    During my fall break vacation with my family this week, I got caught up with all my reading. I went through two months' worth of Denver Business Journals. One of my best pals and mentors used to be th…Read More

  7. Like Father-Like Son

    Yesterday was my fathers' 75th birthday. The greatest man I've been blessed to know. My two sisters and I flew to upstate New York to surprise him on his special day. These are the words I wrote in hi…Read More

  8. Three Types of People

    I went to my first youth leadership conference in upstate New York when I was 15 years old. It was called RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Academy. It changed my life - literally. Over two hundred youth…Read More

  9. High Road

    I met a new friend last week that shared with me her love story. She got engaged while living on the East Coast. During her engagement she became very close with one of her classmates, while attending…Read More

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