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  1. Be Like Mike

    I've worked in the restaurant business my entire life. Started flipping burgers at McDonald's when I was fourteen years old. Worked at Domino's pizza at 16 years old. Waited tables at three different …Read More

  2. A Different Kind of Gift

    May is my second favorite month, rivaling only September...because it's the start of NCAA college football! I love May because it's the month of weddings and graduations. Last week I was honored to be…Read More

  3. Pay Your Dues

    Every manager in the country is talking about how to manage millennials. There are thousands of books written on the topic. There are hundreds of speakers and coaches out there teaching leaders how mi…Read More

  4. More

    Once upon a time there was an investment banker. He lived in New York City, was phenomenally successful, and made a ton of money. But his life was busy, noisy, and very stressful. So, once a year, he …Read More

  5. “Perfectly” Imperfect

    A few weeks ago, my family and I spent spring break in Florida. It was a "perfect" vacation away from work and all the stresses of life. After Easter Sunday Mass, we took a family picture. The "perfec…Read More

  6. Questions

    Jill and I went to a small dinner party last week. I sat next to Tina, a fascinating woman who has spent her career caring for terminal cancer patients. I learned so much sitting next to this remarkab…Read More

  7. Blind Eye

    This week I spoke to a room full of mostly millennials at a meeting in Cincinnati. I love speaking to millennials. They are engaged. They are passionate. And they ask the most meaningful questions. He…Read More

  8. 42 Little Pieces

    For thousands of years many ancient cultures believed that the Earth was flat, including the Greeks until the classical period. When Columbus made his voyage to the New World many people in Europe kne…Read More

  9. Long Shot

    In the summer of 2008, my wife, Jill and I visited my father's hometown of Saratoga Springs, New York, home of America's first "flat track". I love horse racing and watching the thoroughbreds, but I'm…Read More

  10. Chief Wisdom Officer

    I had the unique opportunity to live and work in Japan for two years back in 1994. I lived in a small rural village in the alps of the Nagano Prefecture called Kiso-Fukushima. Nagano hosted the 1998 W…Read More

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