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Relationship Excellence

"In It’s Not Just Who You Know, Tommy Spaulding delivers his ideas and life experiences in a way that can really help people achieve relationship excellence. This book should be required reading."

-Lee Cockerell, Executive Vice President (retired) Walt Disney World® Resort and author of Creating Magic

Masterfully Illustrates

"Tommy masterfully illustrates case by case, person by person, that we’re all in this together."

- Woody Johnson, Owner of New York Jets

Above Everyone Else

"It's Not Just Who You Know teaches invaluable lessons on how to move beyond mere networking to forge the deeper relationships that really matter. Read it and use it. It is the stuff that will put you head and shoulders above everyone else."

- Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times best-sellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Fresh & Heartfelt Look

"A fresh, and heartfelt look at creating, building and maintaining relationships that matter underscored by the importance of making a difference through service to others. Tommy Spaulding’s concepts of 'five floors of relationships' and 'relational competence' can produce positive life altering returns."

- Pete Coors, Chairman, Molson Coors Brewing Company

Joy & Value of Investing

"Tommy Spaulding teaches us the joy and value of investing in relationships!"

- James H. Maynard, Chairman and Co-founder of Golden Corral Corporation

Connect with Others

"Tommy Spaulding is the embodiment of the 5th Floor Relationships described in this remarkable book. And now he’s broken it down for the rest of us. Learn to connect with others in a way that makes the world spin better."

- Steve Farber, author of The Radical Leap and Greater Than Yourself

A Must Read

"An extraordinary book that reveals the most important benchmark of success….. your RELATIONSHIPS with other people! A must read!"

- Skip Holtz, Head Football Coach of the University of South Florida

Read This Book

"Tommy Spaulding is a master connector and a great guide who will teach you powerful lessons. Read this book."

- Mark Sanborn, bestselling author of The Fred Factor


"Someone once told me that your students do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. This is true in all relationships; and this book provides the tools needed in cultivating your relationships at any level. Tommy’s book is a homerun. It’s Not Just Who You Know is a must read if you are interested in transforming your life."

- Frank DeAngelis, Principal of Columbine High School

Remarkable Collection of Insights

"A remarkable collection of insights that teaches how generosity, humility and thankfulness will take your business and personal relationships to the next level!"

- Jason Jennings, bestselling author of Hit The Ground Running and Think BIG-Act Small

Engaging Guide

"Tommy Spaulding has written an engaging guide to creating deeper, meaningful relationships. This is one of those rare books that can both make you better and make others better for being around you." - Dylan Taylor, Global COO, Colliers International

- Ken Jennings PhD, co-author of the best-seller, The Serving Leader

Transformational Leadership

"I didn’t want the book to end. I found myself hanging on every word and making notes in the margins as I connected the concepts to my own experiences. This book presents so many deep truths about transformational leadership in a way that is easily understandable to any audience. I will give every member of my staff a copy of It’s Not Just Who You Know."

- Dr. Barney Forsythe, President of Westminster College

Step-by-Step Guide

"A step by step guide to succeed – with heart- in both your personal and business life."

- David Grossman, Executive Vice President of The Recording Academy

Building Relationships

"Tommy Spaulding is masterful at building relationships that matter. In It’s Not Just Who You Know, he shares powerful lessons and weaves them into a fascinating modern-day follow-on to Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. I only wish that I had this book early in my own career."

- Richard R. Eakin, Chancellor Emeritus of East Carolina University

First-Hand Experience

"Nothing is more important than our connection with other people. It's what's behind everything we do. With this book, Tommy inspires us with his first-hand experiences and insight to reach for those deeper relationships that make everything more worthwhile. Read this and you'll be better for it."

- Sam Parker, bestselling author of 212° the extra degree®

Inspiring & Moving

"Inspiring and moving! Tommy is someone who truly understands the human heart. This is a book that I will not only give to all our teachers and staff, but more importantly, all our students."

- Dr. Jill Scheulen, Principal of Crestview Middle School

Leads from the Heart

"Tommy lives, teaches and leads from the heart. The message and tools in this book will not only change your organization and your career, but your life. "

- Jared Polis, US Congressman and founder of and

Truly Compelling

"Truly compelling! As I have watched my friend Tommy live out these principles and faith journey, I have seen it not only transform his life, but those around him. This is THE BOOK on authentic servant leadership."

- Mark Schultz, GMA Dove Award and Platinum winning singer/songwriter

Building Relationships on a Different Level

"Tommy Spaulding's new book, It's Not Just Who You Know, takes the whole concept of building relationships to a new level— this exceptional book could be called "networking on steroids." As a blind mountain climber, I am keenly aware of the importance of creating great teams to accomplish extraordinary things and developing deep friendships along the way. Tommy's book helps all of us make the most of any relationship, both in business and life."

- Erik Weihenmayer, Only blind man to summit Mount Everest and author of Top the Top

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