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  1. Like Father-Like Son

    Yesterday was my fathers' 75th birthday. The greatest man I've been blessed to know. My two sisters and I flew to upstate New York to surprise him on his special day. These are the words I wrote in hi…Read More

  2. Three Types of People

    I went to my first youth leadership conference in upstate New York when I was 15 years old. It was called RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Academy. It changed my life - literally. Over two hundred youth…Read More

  3. High Road

    I met a new friend last week that shared with me her love story. She got engaged while living on the East Coast. During her engagement she became very close with one of her classmates, while attending…Read More

  4. The Five Remaining Noodles

    I have a good friend named Jeff that lives in Cleveland, Ohio. He's one of the most genuine guys I know. Talented author and speaker. Jeff doesn't just get servant leadership - he lives servant leader…Read More

  5. Critics & Crazies

    I'm not certain if these facts are correct, but for this BLOG's sake, let's call it 5%.   There are 5% of people in the world that believe:   Walt Disney's body is frozen. NASA staged Apollo 11's lu…Read More

  6. Sweet Baby James

    I had a crush on a girl in college named Leigh Ann Justice. We took a statistics class together. Carolina blue eyes that could make any college senior attend all his 8:00am MWF classes! One problem. L…Read More

  7. Talent vs. Tenacity

    The names in this BLOG have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. I met a guy named Peter Jackson thirty years ago. He and I went to different colleges in North Carolina, two hours apart…Read More

  8. Over Cooked Fish

    My friends tease me and say that I'm addicted to travel. I'm always on the move. I easily touch down in over a hundred cities across the globe every year between personal and business travel. Sometime…Read More

  9. Tough Love

    My family and I were having breakfast at a packed restaurant this morning. The fire alarm went off. Loud siren. Wonk. Wonk. Wonk. Flashing lights. And not one person budged. Nobody moved. Not even my …Read More

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